8x10: $200
11x14: $350
16x20: $500
18x24: $650

*Additional faces priced at $20 each for the above sizes of pencil drawings.


5x7 Color: $125
8x10 Color: $250
11x14 Color: $400
16x20 Color: $525
18x24 Color: $700

*Watercolor prices include one face. Additional faces priced upon request.

Traditional Acrylic: 

8x10: $300
11x14: $325

*Additional sizes priced upon request

Pop Art Portraits:

8x10: $200

11x14: $275

16x20: $425

18x24: $590

24x30: $750

*Additional faces priced at $50 each.

**Nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to start work on all orders.

***Currently, there is a minimum wait of 2 months from the time all information (reference photo, size, and colors) is received to completion. However, if a closer (and feasible) deadline is necessary, there is a 10% rush fee.


Print your own (File only): $75

Printed on matte archival paper

11x14: $100
16x20: $150
18x24: $175

Additional sizes priced upon request