8x10: $300
11x14: $575
16x20: $1200
18x24: $1620

*Additional faces priced at $20 each for the above sizes of pencil drawings.


5x7 Color: $200
8x10 Color: $450
11x14 Color: $867
16x20 Color: $1800
18x24 Color: $2430

*Watercolor prices include one face. Additional faces priced upon request.
** Please note that watercolor cannot be erased and is very hard to change once it has been painted.

Traditional Acrylic: 

8x10: $450
11x14: $867
16x20: $1800
18x24: $2430

*Additional sizes priced upon request

Pop Art Portraits:

8x10: $450

11x14: $867

16x20: $1800

18x24: $2430

24x30: $4050

*Additional faces priced at $100 each.

**Nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to start work on all orders.

***Currently, there is a minimum wait of 2 months from the time all information (reference photo, size, and colors) is received to completion. However, if a closer (and feasible) deadline is necessary, there is a 10% rush fee.

**** When ordering pop arts portraits to match ones previously painted, please note that I will need the original painting to match colors. Color matching will be close but an exact match cannot be guaranteed.


Print your own (File only): $100

Print your own Paint by Number Pop Art Portrait(digital file only): $200

Printed on matte archival paper

11x14: $200
16x20: $250
18x24: $300

Additional sizes priced upon request

* Please note that once a digital portrait has been made, requests for different photos or changes to the file may incur further charges. In the instance of a complete change of reference photo, there will be an additional full-price charge for the second portrait.

Live Wedding Painting: 

Live wedding portraits start at $800 for an 18x24 watercolor painting. Please contact the artist for more information

*There is an additional $200 charge for outdoor weddings. 

Additional Information:

  • Reference Images:
    • Please ensure that you like the reference image you are sending as-is. The portrait will look very similar.
    • Reference images should be large/high resolution. All faces should be very clear when zooming in.
  • Text:
    • Generally, text is not offered on custom pieces. I have very bad handwriting. 
  • CADs for approval:
    • Pop Art Portraits:
      • CADs will be provided before I start painting for color and image approval.
      • If there is a change in the original reference image (re: if you decide to go with a different pose), there will be an additional charge.
      • Changes in color after the first round of suggested color ways will incur an additional $30 per round of options. 
    • Digital portraits:
      • The digital portrait is the artwork itself, so if there is a change in reference photo after the artwork is done, you will be charged for an additional full-priced digital portrait, as the work has already been done.
    • All other imagery:
      • In some cases, a CAD will be necessary for approval. I will provide a CAD to your specifications. All additional changes after the origin CAD is sent will incur a charge of $30 or more, depending on hours spent. 
  • Wedding paintings:
    • Style
      • The style of wedding paintings is different than regular portraits. The painting is started on-sight and is more of an illustrated style.
    • Scene
      • Most people choose the moment they'd like to depict. Popular scenes include:
        • First Dance
        • Toast
        • Cake Cutting
    • People
      • If there are certain people you'd like to include in the painting, please let me know ahead of time. (If you want to be extra-helpful, send me photos!)
    • Timeline
      • I do my best to get a good portion of the portrait finished at the wedding. However, in order to present a cleaner, more refined illustration, I may take up to a month to complete the final product and deliver later. 
    • Other useful info you can provide:
      • Tablecloth color (I bring my own cart to paint on, but I need a tablecloth. I have black and white ones, but if you would like to provide a different color, I can use that instead!)
      • Location of the reception
        • Indoors is best - If the painting gets rained on, I will have to start over. 
      • Where you'd like me to stand
        • I am happy to choose my location, but if there is a specific view you'd like me to capture, I'm happy to do that!
        • Note: It is safer for me not to be too close to the dance floor. As the night progresses, the likelihood of my table being bumped by a guest (thus spilling water all over the painting) increases. 
    • Other info I'd like to provide:
      • I like to show up a bit in advance of the reception (often up to two hours before guests arrive) to get my bearings and sketch the room before it's filled with people.
      • If the wedding is further than an hour away from Sumter, SC, I may require hotel accommodations
      • I may bring my own lamp to work by as the room gets darker. 
  • Please feel free to email me with any further questions!